MPSoC Hypervisor: The Safe & Secure Future of Avionics

MPSoC Hypervisor: The Safe & Secure Future of Avionics

Why are multicore processors the future of avionics?

Christopher Mims points to three limits to faster uniprocessors: memory bottlenecks, limits to Instruction Level Parallelism, and heat dissipation. “As CPUs have become more capable, their energy consumption and heat production has grown rapidly,” he maintains. “It’s a problem so tenacious that chip manufacturers have been forced to create ‘Systems-on-a-Chip.'”

Multicore technology is the only feasible path to improve processor performance, and DornerWorks provides this separation solution.

Topics covered in this presentation:

  • The difference between choosing a web developer instead or an IoT provider
  • Future avionics needs
  • Why multicore processing is important
  • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC capabilities
  • Hypervisor as a future approach
  • And more…

Grow your business with the MPSoC hypervisor: The safe & secure future of avionics


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