Safety-Critical Software Standards and Practices

Safety-Critical Software Standards and Practices

Safety-critical software standards differ across industries, but DornerWorks’ expertise and familiarity with aviation, automotive, medical, nuclear, industrial, and even nuclear requirements has helped many clients launch successful projects, or upgrade systems without gaps in operation.

This presentation walks through common themes in safety-critical standards, as well as specific rules from each of the sectors mentioned.


Topics covered in this presentation:

  • Common themes in safety-critical standards
  • Verification & Validation
  • Aircraft certification
  • Medical software standards
  • And more…

Leverage safety-critical software standards and practices in your development


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Steve VanderLeestSteve VanderLeest
Steve is DornerWorks former COO, a multi-talented technical expert and entrepreneur with proven expertise in engineering design and processes. Steve has experience in both industry and academia, having been a professor of engineering at Calvin College for many years. He has published dozens of papers on a variety of technology-related topics.
Timothy Skutt
GE Aviation
Andy Staats
Stryker Interventional Pain