Build A Trusted Software Foundation with the seL4 microkernel on the PolarFire SoC

When embedded on a networked device, machine learning and automation technology can keep a pilot safer in the air, a driver safer on the road, and a doctor more focused in the operating room.

The new PolarFire SoC from Microchip is the first commercially-available multi-core FPGA System-on-Chip that can support these applications on open source Linux and the RISC-V architecture. It enables the determinism needed for real-time hardware applications, while living up to the interoperability promise of RISC-V.

The Icicle Kit is putting PolarFire SoC power into the hands of developers who are building them.

And the seL4 microkernel will provide a trusted base for their most critical software components.

Watch the Demo

Try it out yourself!

  1. Download the seL4 microkernel source code here:


  1. Use an Icicle Kit or Antmicro’s Renode to emulate one.


  1. Download and run the demo yourself!