Develop high-assurance systems in a snap


It can be challenging to build a secure system from the ground up.

DornerWorks Secure Microkernel Virtual Machine (VM) Composer is a configuration tool and the “easy button” that helps organizations develop and deploy virtualized high-assurance systems using a drag-and-drop interface.

This enables you to accelerate product development knowing you have a trusted foundation.

Easy Configuration for Non-experts
Richer Software Architectures
Foundation for Trusted Applications

Accelerate development of trusted software with DornerWorks Virtual Machine Composer

The seL4 microkernel enables robust security, and its virtual machine monitor (VMM) can be used to host VMs supporting AMP, SMP, or a mix of both on a multi-core processor.

The VM composer automatically…


Remove obstacles and develop confidently with DornerWorks VM Composer

Drag-and-drop interfaces

Configure the OS and software on each VM with ease

Supported hardware targets
  • Ultra96
  • ZCU102
Supported operating systems
  • Linux
  • FreeRTOS
  • VxWorks

The VM composer simplifies embedded virtualization

You shouldn’t have to be an expert in every software development tool to configure and build a secure VM solution. Click below to get a trusted foundation for your software and get back to growing your business.

Accelerate development of your high assurance platforms with DornerWorks VM Composer