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DornerWorks - Technology engineering so you can focus.
We engineer technology for your product so you can focus on your customers.
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We understand.

Product development
can be complicated.

DornerWorks partners with you, providing engineering and consulting services
so you can face those challenges and innovate with confidence.





Here are the benefits you receive from working with DornerWorks.

View Standout Solutions

Standout Solutions

Your product will stand out in the crowded market of great products.

View Engineering Expertise

Engineering Expertise

No need to stress any longer about the technology that makes your product work.

View Freedom to Focus

Freedom to Focus

You can focus on your product and your customers--it's what you do best.




Simplify product development with the DornerWorks Development Process.

1. Discuss
Schedule a meeting and we will get an understanding of how you would like to build your business through a deep dive into your product plans and goals.
2. Develop
With an iterative process and transparent project management, we will guide you to a product that stands out in a crowded market.
3. Deliver
With the necessary certifications and support, we will help you deliver a feature-rich product that your customers can’t live without.





You shouldn’t have to be an expert in everything,
we’re here to help.

You have a great product concept, but there’s so much to do to create the product that you can’t focus on what’s most important: your customers and your core expertise. We know where you’re coming from, and we’ve developed hundreds of projects for lots of customers. When you create your product with us, you’ll be able to focus, and your product will stand out in the market.


We engineer technology for your product so you can focus on your customers.

Developers often stress about the technology that makes their products work.  DornerWorks provides expert technology engineering to help them create standout products so that they are free to focus on what they do best.

To see a few examples of how we’ve helped other customers create hundreds of products before, view our customers’ success stories.

Success Stories

Streamline your project and cut time to market through FPGA Development

Download our free series on optimizing your embedded heterogeneous solution and get started on enhancing your next FPGA-based project today!

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