Product development is challenging.

Are your products growing your business or holding you back?

With DornerWorks as your technology engineering partner, you’ll be able to face your challenges and innovate with confidence.

Win back your time.

Focus on your product design, not frustrating details.

Own your products.

Free your designs from vendor lock.

Dominate your market.

Leave the competition behind with new products & features.

We understand you care about your products–we’re passionate about our work, too.

Xilinx recognizes DornerWorks as a Xilinx Alliance Program Premier Partner and one of the first design firms in North America to work with the RFSoC.

Our team of more than 80 talented engineers is ready to help you build a product that leads the market, just as they have for others in aerospace and defense, automotive, medical, or consumer markets, and beyond.

That’s why successful clients like Traeger Grills, Dexter Laundry, and many others call us for guidance year after year.

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Choose the development package that’s right for you.

Technology Product Development

Build a product from the ground up.

Custom Engineering Services

Contract the exact engineering services you need.

Quick Start Packages

A product launchpad complete with training and a working prototype.

How does the DornerWorks Development Process work?

It's simple:


Schedule a meeting and we will get an understanding of how you would like to build your business through a deep dive into your product plans and goals.


With an iterative process and transparent project management, we will guide you to a product that stands out in a crowded market.


With the necessary certifications and support, we will help you deliver a feature-rich product that your customers can’t live without.

Kickstart your development, turn your ideas into reality, and grow your business!

Free White Paper:

7 Mistakes Product Managers Make When Choosing an IoT Provider

Adding connectivity to your products will help you provide added value to your customers when and where they need it most. Make sure you start your development off on the right path with a partner you can trust.

If you are nervous about successfully connecting your product to your customers’ devices, consider this list of potential pitfalls in selecting an IoT partner, and avoid costly mistakes early on.

Topics covered in this white paper:
  • Differences between web developers and IoT providers
  • Knowing how to identify a narrow expert
  • Weighing lowest rate versus lowest cost
  • Choosing a partner who can scale up