Don’t Let AI/ML Complexities Slow Your Innovation

As a DoD development team working in Electronic Warfare (EW), ISR, or SIGINT, you face a critical challenge.

You need to stay ahead of emerging threats by innovating faster than your adversaries due to the speed of technological advances.

However, you’re challenged by non-optimized algorithms and a traditional development cycle that takes too long. You worry about efficiency and vendor lock, and you’re not getting the results you need quickly.

If you don’t act fast, you risk missing product/market deadlines, failed mission objectives, or even mission losses.

Overcome AI/ML Challenges With An Expert Guide

At DornerWorks, we understand your challenges, and we have expert AI/ML engineering services to help you overcome it.

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Accelerate algorithms on SWaP-constrained platforms for effective response to adversaries and threats.

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We partner with AMD, Microchip, and other top silicon suppliers to ensure quality and supply chain integrity.

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We design products aligned to open standards, open architecture, SOSA, MOSA, and FACE.


AI/ML Case Study

Here’s an example of how DornerWorks helped a customer turn their AI/ML ideas into reality.

Cognitive Radar System Using AMD RFSoC

An aerospace and defense company wanted to build a next-gen cognitive radar system for detecting potential threats with machine learning algorithms.

DornerWorks FPGA engineers configured a 3rd-gen AMD Zynq UltraScale + RFSoC to support and accelerate the customer’s IP, while also reducing size, weight, and power.

During this project, university and commercial partners contributed machine learning algorithms, which DornerWorks engineers ported over to the RFSoC and integrated into the system. The FPGA engineering team focused on clocking and RF data converter, and provided example designs for narrow and wideband transmissions.

The customer now has a cognitive radar solution with improved SWaP compared to previous implementations, keeping modern warfighters safer in today’s challenging mission environments.

How To Get Started

Once you engage our team, here’s what you can expect:

  1. Discovery: We analyze your algorithm and develop a plan and methodology to accelerate it.
  2. Optimize: We execute the acceleration plan and provide performance benchmarking stats.
  3. Integrate: We deliver the final product targeted to your SWaP-constrained platforms.

Learn More About Accelerating Your AI/ML Algorithms

Check out these resources to learn more about how DornerWorks can help you accelerate AI/ML innovation:

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Our Guarantee To You

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Get to market faster with expert AI/ML engineering that delivers uncompromising performance and quality.

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Get a competitive edge with optimized AI/ML on SWaP platforms for performance, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Reduce risk of failure or rework with experienced engineers and partnerships with leading silicon suppliers.

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Plug and Play

Integrate AI/ML with ease via plug-and-play solutions and app-store-like component selection.

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Confidence in the Right Choice

Trust that your chosen CPU/GPU/FPGA is the perfect fit for your needs.

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End-to-end AI/ML support, from discovery to delivery, on time and budget.

Turn Your AI/ML Ideas Into Reality!

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