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Customer-centric development

Collaborative approach
Hands-on project management
Iterative design process

Deep expertise

IEC62304 certified software guidance
Hardware architecture guidance for IEC60601 safety requirements
ISO 13485 certified

Products we have guided to successful market launches.

Connected Prosthetics

College Park Industries is improving the lives of people around the world through increased mobility and freedom.

Ultrasound Bone Stimulator

Complete embedded software design for the customer’s new product line of ultrasound bone healing stimulators.

Pneumatic Hospital Bed

Safety critical software design and implementation, and hardware layout services for a pneumatic medical support surface product designed for the patient-care market.

"DornerWorks is a professional, flexible, and an essential part of our team."
- Product Business Manager

Focus your time and money on products that will grow your business.

Do you want more confidence in your medical product development? Do you want to stand out from the competition? Do you want to sleep at night, knowing you are spending company’s time and resources on products that work the way you want them to and delight your customers?

We know where you’re coming from. Medical device development is full of complicated requirements, and many products may fail to reach the market without a guide to get them there.

Your product can make it to market and excel.

Proven expertise, on your side

As one of only three Xilinx Alliance Program Premier partners in North America with product design capabilities, as well as an NXP Approved Engineering Consultant and a Microchip Medical Design Partner, DornerWorks has guided many technology developments to success, and we want to hear about yours.

Our expertise, your success

We will help you replace technology worries with confidence, and:

Define a clear problem statement to guide product development

Differentiate central benefits from supporting

Move ahead confidently with planning and roadmap alignment

Use IP blocks for fast development

Accelerate your project with a true collaborative partnership

Focus on your customer’s delight