Higher performance doesn’t have to come at the cost of capabilities.

Deliver the fastest, most efficient products possible with hardware-based acceleration.

An FPGA can deliver the innovation launchpad you’re looking for, and DornerWorks can guide you through the development process. We offer pre-built platforms like the Multi-Stream Display Port Demo Platform shown here, along with powerful IP, and other solutions to accelerate your algorithm.


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DornerWorks gives you the tools and the training to move forward.

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Reduce SWaP and mitigate obsolescence with the flexibility of FPGAs.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

  • Xilinx Vitis
  • Xilinx DNNDK
  • NXP elQ



  • Signal Translation
  • System Miniaturization
  • Speed & Timing


High-Speed Video

High-Speed Video

  • Front End Filtering
  • Robust Processing
  • I/O Versatility
  • System Design


Synchronized Networking

Synchronized Networking

  • Safety-Critical Certification Artifacts
  • Minimal Footprint for Limited Resources
  • Multi-Layer Enhanced Capability


Market depth to guide you towards growth.

No matter your industry, an FPGA can improve your capabilities at lowered recurring costs.


  • DO-178 and DO-254 experience
  • AS9100 quality certification
  • Civilian and Military
  • ITAR registered

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  • Automotive controls and design service
  • Quality practices applicable to ISO 26262
  • ISO 9001 quality certification

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  • Medical device electronics
  • IEC 60601 experience
  • ISO 13485 quality certification

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Projects we have guided to success.

Multi-Layer Ethernet Switch

A customized networking solution for land, sea, air, or space, made portable with RISC-V architecture.

Defense-Class AVB Networking

IEEE standards-based MAC with traffic prioritization performing high-accuracy time synchronization “behind the scenes.”

RFSoC-Based Radar Processing

Radar signal processing algorithm and hardware for a system that searches for and identifies moving targets with concealed explosive devices.

"The new tool has been extensively validated and is functioning flawlessly! This was a last minute out of scope effort that served as the crowning example of a long line of project successes"
- Consulting Engineer

Proven expertise, on your side

As one of only three Xilinx Alliance Program Premier partners in North America with product design capabilities, as well as an NXP Approved Engineering Consultant and a Microchip Authorized Design Partner, DornerWorks has guided many technology developments to success.

These are the tools we’ll be using to guide you through the most complex FPGA development.

Xilinx SDSoC, ISE and Vivado

Altera Quartus II and Qsys

MicroSemi Libero

Mentor Graphics ModelSim and QuestaSim

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